ABM – Mother Supporter Module 2021

Course Dates: Open-ended
Enrollment Dates: Enroll Anytime
Who can Enroll: A passcode is required to enroll.
Course Language: English
Price:  £ 45.00

About the Course

ABM – Mother Supporter Module 2021

You must apply and be approved to purchase this course. 

Please do not purchase this course until you have contacted the ABM and been formally accepted or you risk losing your fee

The ABM Mother Supporter course will ensure that you have a good knowledge of normal breastfeeding, 

This course is equivalent to peer support-level training offered by other breastfeeding and NHS organisations. Once qualified, you will be able to offer support and encouragement to families in everyday breastfeeding situations but you will not be solving any breastfeeding problems. You will learn when and to where you should signpost families who may need further breastfeeding support.

You must have breastfed at least one child for at least six months so you can appreciate the experiences that families go through. This does not need to be exclusive breastfeeding, or without challenges.

This course is for mothers who want to support other mothers in a voluntary capacity. This course is not suitable for those offering breastfeeding support as part of a paid role, or within another family orientated business.

Please note, if you are considering training as an ABM Breastfeeding Counsellor in the future you will need to have completed this course first.

In order to purchase and enrol on the Mother Supporter Course you will need to complete an application form and provide a reference from someone who holds a professional qualification and can vouch that you’re a genuine applicant.  You can request an application form by emailing admin@abm.me.uk.

When you’ve been accepted for training, we’ll request the training fee of £25, plus an annual membership fee of £20, totaling £45.

Course Structure

  • Welcome - Introduction and Housekeeping
  • Unit 1 - Why is breastfeeding important?
  • Unit 2 - How breastfeeding works
  • Unit 3 - Early days of your breastfeeding journey
  • Unit 4 - Night times
  • Unit 5 - Positioning and attachment
  • Unit 6 - Breastfeeding challenges
  • Unit 7 - Drugs, medication and illness
  • Unit 8 - Starting solid foods
  • Unit 9 - Expressing breast milk
  • Unit 10 - Myth busting
  • Unit 11 - Communication skills
  • Unit 12 - Exploring Scenarios and appropriate referral
  • Unit 13 - Your role as a mother supporter
  • Unit 14 - The International Code
  • Unit 15 - Context of UK breastfeeding support
  • Breastfeeding Observation 1
  • Breastfeeding Observation 2
  • Recommended and further reading list
  • Reflecting on this training course
  • Checklist and celebration
  • Course resources


Eleanor Campbell
Eleanor Campbell
Zoe Gilding
Zoe Gilding
I trained as a Peer Supporter back in 2004 and worked for the GBSN for a few years. I took a break when work commitments became too great but re-trained in 2010 with the ABM when my second son came along and there was no breastfeeding support. I qualified as ...
Abi Witherden
Abi Witherden
Gemma Channon
Gemma Channon
Alice Manson
Marion Frey-Alqurashi
Marion AlQurashi
Caroline Bolton
Caroline Bolton
I am a mum of three and have been a Breastfeeding Counsellor with the ABM since 2002. I am also an IBCLC. I am the Training Coordinator for the ABM, Breastfeeding Counselor Coordinator (BFCC) for the Midlands, North West, North East and Scotland and the ABM National Breastfeeding Helpline Manager.
Kaya Thorpe
Gillian Dresner
Gillian Dresner
Laine Perks
Laine Perks
Tors Pearcy
Tors Admin
Stephanie Casey
Jennifer Radford
Jemma Percy
Holly Green
Denise Parker
Denise Parker
Laura Watkins
Tors Pearcy
Tors Pearcy
Merren Buller
Amy Milburn
Amy Milburn
Kate Francis
Kate Francis