ABM – Mother Supporter Module

Course Dates: Open-ended
Enrollment Dates: Enroll Anytime
Who can Enroll: A passcode is required to enroll.
Course Language: English
Price:  £ 45.00

About the Course

ABM – Mother Supporter Module

Thank you for applying for ABM Mother Supporter training. We are pleased to accept you for training as a Mother Supporter. We wish you all the best with your training and hope you enjoy completing it.

ABM mother supporters:
Have breastfed for a minimum of 6 months.
Are current ABM members.
Always support families on a voluntary basis.

This course will ensure that you have a good knowledge of normal breastfeeding, and fill in any gaps you may have. As a Mother Supporter, you will offer support and encourage normal breastfeeding, not solving complicated breastfeeding problems.

We aren’t expecting you to know a great deal about breastfeeding problems and we don’t require you to write long or involved answers to the questions.

The course provides you with resources including:

# evidence-based research articles and audio / film clips.

# books from the recommend further reading list.

# support from trainees and counsellors, on our dedicated Facebook ABM Trained and Training Group (Click Here).
(You are welcome to remain a member of our closed Trained and Training Facebook group as long as your ABM membership is valid. We ask all members to read the guidelines in the pinned post on arrival).

If you don't use Facebook you can contact your regional supervisor for support, their names and contact details can be found in the ABM magazine that you will receive.

When you have completed the lessons in each section, you’ll be able to demonstrate your knowledge through a series of question and answer quizzes. Some questions will be multiple choice while others will ask you to reflect or go into more depth. Your answers should be research or evidence-based, and not just your own opinions.

Please familiarise yourself with our ABM breastfeeding leaflets. You’ll find them useful when you start to support breastfeeding mums. You’ll receive a set of ABM leaflets with your new member Welcome Pack and anyone can buy our leaflets via our website, or print them out at no charge.

The lessons contain trusted resources which you’ll need to use them to complete this course. There is a wealth of information available on the internet, some more reliable than others. It is vital that any resources used are research based information and written by a qualified breastfeeding expert.

Many of the resources are available in a printable format at the end of the course. When talking to a mum, you are likely to want to share these resources or you may wish to refer to them at a later date. Some of the resources we use are YouTube based. You may find these difficult to access if the security settings are set too high on the device that you are using. e.g If you have ‘restricted mode’ switched on in YouTube.

When you’ve completed each multiple choice section, you’ll know whether you need to look at your answers again or if you can move forward to the next section. When you’ve successfully completed the course the marking team will be notified that you feel your work is complete. A marker will then assess the more complex reflections and longer answer questions. Once this final stage is complete, you will receive a congratulations email with a printable copy of your Pass certificate or you will be asked to expand on your answers where necessary.


∙ We anticipate that the 14 lecture sections and two breastfeeding observations will need approximately 35 hours of study.  Plan to spend at least 3 hours per week on the course in order to stay on track for your deadline.  This includes using the resources within the lessons and completion of the quizzes.

∙ You will be given 12 weeks to complete the course once enrolled.  Please ensure you are able to meet this deadline before enrolling onto the course once accepted.

∙ Much of the course is self-marking and this should enable to you feel confident as you move through the course content.

∙ The expected outcome of this learning experience is that you will consolidate your knowledge around breastfeeding and understand why it is so valuable to families and communities. You will gain confidence to support other breastfeeding mothers in your community.

∙ The information within the course is evidence-based and the ABM aims to keep this information up to date.

∙ This course is suitable for those with a range of breastfeeding knowledge—from beginners to advanced—and is inclusive of differing ability.

Practical assignments include:

# Making a list of appropriate resources in your local area which will be useful to signpost the mothers you support.

# Two observations of babies breastfeeding.

Course Structure

  • Unit 1 - Why is breastfeeding important?
  • Unit 2 - How breastfeeding works
  • Unit 3 - Early days of breastfeeding
  • Unit 4 - Night times
  • Unit 5 - Positioning and attachment
  • Unit 6 - Breastfeeding challenges
  • Unit 7 - Drugs, medication and illness
  • Unit 8 - Starting solid foods
  • Unit 9 - Expressing breast milk
  • Unit 10 - Myth busting
  • Unit 11 - Communication skills
  • Unit 12 - Exploring Scenarios and appropriate referral
  • Unit 13 - Your role as a mother supporter
  • Unit 14 - The International Code
  • Unit 15 - Context of UK breastfeeding support
  • Breastfeeding Observation 1
  • Breastfeeding Observation 2
  • Recommended and further reading list
  • Reflecting on this training course
  • Checklist and celebration
  • Course resources


Naomi Joffe
Naomi Joffe
I started training as a breastfeeding counsellor with the ABM after I went to a breastfeeding clinic with my third daughter and had wonderful support. If only I’d known about BFC’s when I struggled feeding my first baby! I recently took over as course coordinator for the new online Mother ...
Eleanor Campbell
Eleanor Campbell
Zoe Gilding
Zoe Gilding
I trained as a Peer Supporter back in 2004 and worked for the GBSN for a few years. I took a break when work commitments became too great but re-trained in 2010 with the ABM when my second son came along and there was no breastfeeding support. I qualified as ...
Kathryn Stagg
Kathryn Stagg
Mum of 4, ABM BFC, musician
Sian Khoury
Sian Baldwin Khoury
I am a mum of two teenagers and have been supporting breastfeeding families through the ABM for 11 years, first as a Mother Supporter and then as a Breastfeeding Counsellor. I am now on the ABM e-mail counselling team, and am also an IBCLC.
Lindsey Middlemiss
Lindsey Middlemiss
Abi Witherden
Abi Witherden
Kate Francis
Kate Francis
Adrienne Symonds
Adrienne Symonds
Francesca Viding
Francesca Viding
Ruth-Elaine Semmens
Ruth-Elaine Semmens
Hi! I am a mum of three children including twins which is where my breastfeeding journey began 23 years ago! I am a registered nurse and Health Visitor. I have been associated with the ABM since 2014 when I began the Advanced Course Training online. Following that I trained to ...
Gemma Channon
Gemma Channon
Catherine Holmes
Catherine Holmes
I first trained as a peer supporter in 2014 with my local service, and started volunteering with them as regularly as childcare arrangements permitted, as well as giving support online. When my son started nursery and I had a little more time, I retrained with the ABM as a Mother ...
Gemma Watson
Gemma Watson
Marion Frey-Alqurashi
Marion AlQurashi