Zoe Gilding

I trained as a Peer Supporter back in 2004 and worked for the GBSN for a few years. I took a break when work commitments became too great but re-trained in 2010 with the ABM when my second son came along and there was no breastfeeding support. I qualified as a Breastfeeding Counsellor in 2014 and am active on the National Breastfeeding Helpline. I work for the Breastfeeding Network and am a Community Peer Supporter running a weekly support group and providing text support in the first 12 weeks.


ABM – Mother Supporter Module

This course will ensure that you have a good knowledge of normal breastfeeding, and fill in any gaps you may have. We expect you to have breastfed at least one child for at least six months so you can appreciate the experiences that most breastfeeding mums go through. As an ABM Mother Supporter, this course is equivalent to peer support-level training meaning you’ll be able to offer support to mums and encourage normal breastfeeding but you won’t be expected to solve complicated breastfeeding problems.

If you are thinking about thinking of training as an ABM breastfeeding counsellor in the future, the Mother Supporter course is where you start.

This course is for mothers who want to support other mothers in a voluntary capacity. This course is not available to people offering breastfeeding support as part of a paid role.

If you’d like to take our Mother Supporter training, please get in touch at [Contact Us]. We’ll send you an application form and ask you to provide a reference from someone who holds a professional qualification and can vouch that you’re a genuine applicant.

Please do not purchase this course until you have contacted ABM

When you’ve been accepted for training, we’ll ask you for the training fee of £25 plus an annual membership fee of £20. This makes a total of £45. Then you’re ready to start!

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