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ABM – Mother Supporter Module

To apply for this 12 week course please email An application form must be completed before you proceed to order this course online.


This course will ensure that you have a good knowledge of normal breastfeeding, and fill in any gaps you may have. We expect you to have breastfed at least one child for at least six months so you can appreciate the experiences that most breastfeeding mums go through. As an ABM Mother Supporter, this course is equivalent to peer support-level training meaning you’ll be able to offer support to mums and encourage normal breastfeeding but you won’t be expected to solve complicated breastfeeding problems.

If you are thinking about thinking of training as an ABM breastfeeding counsellor in the future, the Mother Supporter course is where you start.

This course is for mothers who want to support other mothers in a voluntary capacity. This course is not available to people offering breastfeeding support as part of a paid role.

If you’d like to take our Mother Supporter training, please get in touch at We’ll send you an application form and ask you to provide a reference from someone who holds a professional qualification and can vouch that you’re a genuine applicant.

When you’ve been accepted for training, we’ll ask you for the training fee of £25 plus an annual membership fee of £20. This makes a total of £45. Then you’re ready to start!

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ABM – Breastfeeding Support Training Foundation Module


Thank you for your interest in applying for the ABM Breastfeeding Support Training Foundation Module.

While our Mother Supporter Course is for women who have breastfeed for at least six months and who wish to support families on a voluntary basis, this course is suitable for a broad range of people. You may be a health care professional or a professional who has contact with mothers in a work setting such as a nursery or postnatal class. You do not need to have had children to undertake this course. If you do have children you may have not have breastfed at all or only briefly.

The £175 course fee includes membership of The ABM for one year.  You will be given 16 weeks to complete the course once enrolled.  Please ensure you are able to meet this deadline before purchasing this course.

Group and/or Organisation-paid Trainees

An administration fee will apply for any traineeships on our Mother Supporter, Breastfeeding Counsellor, Foundation and Advanced courses not paid for by the individual trainee. The admin fees are as follows:

  •  Individual Trainees = £5 per person
  • Groups up to 10 = £50 flat rate
  • Groups up to 20 = £100 flat rate
  • Groups of more than 20 = £150 flat rate

This fee applies in any instance an organisation, NHS Trust or similar institution pays the training fee for an individual or group on one of our courses, and will be applied as standard. Any bookings of this type require a signed training agreement before enrollment.

The ABM runs helplines and trains volunteers and health professionals from across the UK to support breastfeeding families. By continuing your membership beyond the first year, you can help make a difference as well as receiving our membership pack and magazines. Follow this link to find out more about membership:

We have been training breastfeeding supporters since 1979. This course has been created by a team of lactation consultants, breastfeeding counsellors and peer supporters. We hope that you will gain knowledge and confidence to help you support breastfeeding families effectively.

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Team Baby: getting ready to breastfeed

Welcome to the Association of Breastfeeding Mothers' Team Baby module.

It looks like a baby is on its way! And you are getting ready to think about breastfeeding.

It's an exciting time for both of you. But we know it’s also a time that might feel a bit scary. We know that breastfeeding is more likely to happen and to happen successfully when a new mum is supported by people who understand how breastfeeding works, how newborns behave and where to get help. It’s important that both the mum-to-be AND her partner and support network know about breastfeeding.

We hope you enjoy the course!

The ABM runs helplines and trains volunteers and health professionals from across the UK to support breastfeeding families. By becoming our member, you can help make a difference as well as receiving our membership pack and magazines. Please find out more about our membership.

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